Breastfeeding in Public

What are the laws on Breastfeeding in Public?

BY now I am sure many of you have read about an Applebee’s Neighborhood restaurant in GA asking a Mom who was breastfedding to leave or feed in the bathroom? So, I watched her on Katie Couric show, and also the professor who nursed her baby in class (covered up) who had to defend themselves from critics. WHY? Why would we, as woman have to defend this act of love with feeding our babies? It is the law~ We are protected by the law. Most states have protection against the harrassment of this. It is really unbelievable to me, to be at this point. With all the research and all the doctors, scientists, lactation consultants, etc who will say how great breastfeeding is, and that is the best for our babies, and our own bodies. AND yet, we are still fighting for equality to feed our babies! My head is spinning right now, because of this. I completely understand how some may not want to watch a Mom breastfeed while they eat their lunch, etc. I understand this, but asking a Mom to leave, or nurse in the smelly, yucky, disgusting bathroom….is just plain STUPID! I have to say that those types of people who will just dismiss the act of nurturing, loving, feeding your hungry baby, are very uneducated! The other thing that really bothers me, is do people realize how hard it is to breastfeed? How hard it is at first, the pain, the tiredness that comes with a new baby? Women push through it, and do the best they know that is out there, and then they have to face this discrimination?! I really hope that one day, this will be history!! Ban together….Keep up the good work Mama’s! You are awesome.

So this coming Saturday (September 29th) at 1PM at most Applebee’s Restaurants, there is a friendly protest~ called a NURSE IN. Please if you can support one, it really helps! Below is the laws that protect us. Please find your state on there, and feel empowered to breastfeed your baby~ for as long as you want, where you want, and when you want!

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