How do I increase my Breast Milk supply

How do I increase my Breast Milk supply?

Good Morning everyone! I have been MIA for quite some time, and have been so busy lately making those delicious lactation cookies that everyone loves, especially the babies! LOL

So, I have been getting some questions regarding how to boost your supply, so I thought this would be a great topic of posting….

So let’s start with what you shouldn’t do. Sometimes it is easier to get rid of the negative. AND because it is a shorter list, it is easier to remember.

Try NOT to stress about Making Breast Milk. Our bodies normally produce milk no matter what- it always happens if you have your breasts. Breasts were made to produce Breast Milk and feed your baby/ies. So do not stress about it.

Also increasing your water intake will help as well. If you can drink at least 64 ounces of water every day, this is a good place to start. Remember that you are burning some calories and if you are a little underweight, to begin with, make sure you are getting some healthy fats in what you are eating. This could be key to a low supply….some women are so active and their metabolism runs fast, so the body gets rid of it quicker and with making breast milk, it will help to take in some Omega 3’s in there.

Also, remember that you CAN do it!!

Fenugreek, even though there are conflicting reports of taking it in pregnancy- is false….unless you eat it in large amounts. For instance, I use this herb, which I use in baking my lactation cookies, has been around for centuries. You would have to eat 160 cookies at one time to get that amount in your system. Did you know that Indian dishes and other Middle Eastern dishes are made with Fenugreek? I have a bunch of Indian friends and when they are pregnant….Do you think they stop eating curry- NO. 🙂

Here are some things that will decrease your supply…eating or drinking peppermint oil. This is found in things like “Altoids” , and in teas. Also, parsley…that little herb- it hurts when eaten in large amounts.

Breast Pumping tips:

When you pump, try and bring a picture of your LO in the room with you. On your phone, or a regular picture. Look at the picture while pumping. Massage will also help. Try massaging your breast that you are pumping in circles starting near your armpit and working toward your nipples. It will help. Also, you can buy a breast pump. Here is a list of some top-quality breast pump available on this website.

Best time to pump:

Early morning. I started a stash in my deep chest freezer when my kids were 3-5 weeks old. I would feed the baby at about 4-6am, and then I would wait about 45 minutes and go and pump in another room. That seems to be the best time to get the most out. I also pumped before bedtime. I would feed at 7 pm and then pump after waiting for an hour. That way I would pump and the baby was content and then the following feeding I would just feed as usual. So as far as my breasts were concerned I just fed every hour for 3 hours.

If you are still having some pumping issues, you can take a nice hot bath or shower to help you relax. It all helps. BUT please do not worry! You can do this! Great Job Mama!!

I hope this has helped you!

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