about us makingmamasmilk

How we started

I am a Mother of 6 wonderful children. 

I started this company in hopes of helping many other women like myself, who stuggle with milk supply challenges. When my first born came along,  I was not aware of how breastfeeding worked. I was young, just 18 at the time, and not really understanding what it meant to breastfeed. I didn’t produce what I thought I should and he had a bad latch-on, due to a tongue tie, so I did not breastfeed my first. Later though, I realized I could have breastfed, if I was educated and had the support. I really wish there was a cookie, that contains all the necessary ingredients when I was having such a tough time. I want to help others out there who are experiencing the same things I did. That is why it is so important to me personally as well as my company to have this cookie to help.We are also a small business who makes their own cookies by hand- no factory here!

I have met so many mom’s who wish there was something they can take/eat to help build a supply and feed their growing babies. I have a cookie that does just that! It is very exciting to have everything you need in our cookies!

I have a recipe that can give you all the vitamins and all the herbs you need to produce more of thatLiquid Gold!!

Breast Milk is the best thing on the earth for our babies to eat. It is designed to be perfect. There are times when our bodies cannot keep up with the demands, so alas, I have a cookie for that! I recommend eating 1-2 cookies a day and making sure you are drinking plenty of water. Soon you will see great results, and both baby and Mommy will be happier!

If we tried to take all the ingredients in pill form, that are found in my cookies, we would have to swallow MANY pills a day! No fun, and also no time with our bundles of joy.

So, with a supply of our cookies, you can produce more milk with less effort!!

Low Supply….Give us a try!